1. what ARE boys? we just don’t know

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  2. the thing i am drawing is ridiculous and i love it

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  5. stunningpicture:

    This Bloody Mary has another Bloody Mary as a garnish..

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  6. Boop boop, doodling an old OC.

  7. loic-locatelli:

    Onion Knight

    (Big Black & White version)

    This one is inspired by the powerful drawings
    of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)

  8. Super powers more like SUPER INCONVENIENCES

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  9. spikedrewthis:

    The Smut Peddler 2014 PDF is now available to non-Kickstarter backers!

    Thanks so much for your patience and support, everyone!

  10. tumblr ur so cute ilu <3

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  12. this-wandering-lamb said: What's with furaffinity? :0

    i’ll just link to a breakdown, uh trigger warning i guess: the dramz

    that wiki kinda downplays things in the interest of a “neutral/objective” wiki tone but from what i’ve heard from users who i know in person who bailed: basically the site leadership outed themselves as major victim blamers and assault apologists.

    take that on top of the site having hilariously outdated coding/security and the frequent service outages and it paints a pretty shit picture.


  13. hawkeyeism said: I just wanted to contribute to the last ask about whether or not dA is worthwhile anymore-- I've heard straight from recruiters of large companies (DC and Marvel specifically) that they often look at deviantART for potential artists. Just thought I'd put that out there!

    yeah, i’ve heard, seen and experienced the same. if you’ve got an eye on landing work, it’s worth it to at least maintain an updated da gallery.


  14. brutallaurenloveless said: I mean, do you think it's even worth it having a dA anymore?

    yeah, i mean it’s a better browsable archive for art than tumblr is, what with an actual gallery and folder sorting options, plus it’s got daportfolio and from what i’ve seen the print service is aight. whatever, so the sorting system is crap and the default grey-green sucks. whatever.

    plus, personally, while i’ve gotten the most “we will pay you in exposure” dogfarts on that site vs tumblr, i’ve ALSO gotten more legit jobs thru there, and it still accounts for the bulk of my commissions when I’m doing those. even once the balance tips in tumblr’s favor (and it WILL) it’s still too big to write off.

    minor annoyances do not an exodus justify for me. da’s gonna have to pull some tru furaffinity shit before i consider bailing.


  15. skulldrool replied to your post: like don’t get me wrong, tumblr is fuc…

    DA, home of every 12 year old American weaboo.

    not saying it ain’t, but i’ve seen plenty of grown-ass adults behave real badly on there. and just online in general.

    i’m more inclined to set shit at the adults’ feet tbh, we (including myself here) have an obligation to set the tone. preteens ain’t gonna know better and they’re naturally gonna learn by observation and imitation. that poisonous shit on da and here on tumblr is partially a symptom of seniors failing the juniors.

    we can’t keep leaving these kids without guidance only for us to turn around and rag on them when they inevitably get weird.