1. Hi. I am Jemma Salume/Oxboxer. “I” “draw” for a “living”.

    FAQ, aka "questions I’m so done with that I delete them from my askbox without reply":
    ALMA MATER: AAU San Francisco (hollaaaaa)
    ART PROGRAM: Photoshop CS6
    BRUSH SETTINGS: basic pencil tool, seriously
    CURRENT LOCATION: Portland, Oregon
    COMMISSIONS: Currently full up. Will post when reopened.
    TUTORIALS: Hell yeah.
    WHAT’S UR SIGN: this one

    Aside from Tumblr, I can be found on Deviantart, Pixiv, and Tapastic.

    I have a print shop through Society 6 

    I do a live artstream every Wednesday at around 6:30 pm pst, barring calamity.

    I’m glad you’ve visited. Enjoy.