1. I never knew you worked with vectors! Explains why your lines are so smooth~

    Actually, it’s all drawn in Photoshop! I’ve NEVER liked working in vectors, hahaha. Smoothness is a product of large workfile dimensions~

  2. Sphinx for Girls Make Games! This time with process screenshots, including bonus dragon and cerberus exploration sketches!

    The dragon was the first monster I designed, and I had a much clearer concept for the sphinx in comparison. Because the deadline came up so fast (I came on later than the rest of the art team), I didn’t get to tweak these as much as I usually might, but I think it worked out pretty well!

    Still mega proud of Fire Skulls Cerberus. SHREDDING GUITAR SOLO!!!!


  4. god dAMNIT


  5. Turn them upside down you get three sixes half life 3 confirmed


  6. i’ll take it

  7. i don’t usually get worked up about my follower count but the line of nines is killing me

  8. What the hell have I been doing all weekend? DRAWING MONSTERS. (So basically: in hog heaven rn.) Attack poses in the top row, idle poses in the bottom!

    These are for a SICK FIGHTING GAME being developed by a team of awesome girls at the Girls Make Games summer camp! Rest assured, I’m totally linking the demo the second it’s posted online.

    Cerberus is my favorite of these. I have his heads all on separate layers so they can float around independently and be as creepy as possible~

  9. brain-food:

    remembering our heroes

    (via wellnotwisely)

  10. A tough, well-worn coat.

  11. A mysterious arrow and a carved horn bow.

  12. Designing a sword to make the creature from earlier’s life difficult. I’ve decided on the colorway on the right, but the one on the left looks pretty good so you get to see it.

    Bonus shaded monster for giggles. 

  13. shortlifelongart:


    GUEST ART FOR THUNDERBIRD WHICH YOU SHOULD READ!! thunderbaby background, doing bird things

    This week’s Thunderbird guest page is TOO CUTE AND SPARKLY FOR ME TO HANDLE AAAHHHHH

    (via shortlifelongart)

  14. "No homo" is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a human. This is my second favorite way to reply - the first, bloody retribution.

    Like and comment on Tapastic!

  15. Monster from the stream last night, now colored! A mashup of rhino, alligator snapping turtle, and now that I think of it, those things from Pikmin.