1. i point blank tell someone i use the default photoshop brushes and they reply asking where i downloaded my brushes

    why do i even talk to people anymore

  2. suscrofad:

    Bueno, esta es mi versión del championsona, nos hemos metido al tag y la verdad es que en compañía se disfrutan más las cosas. No me apetece escribir la misma cosa dos veces así que…

    It’s my turn to introduce my championsona! Yeah, I really love Natu & Xatu designs and I play pokemon since I was a child, so I couldn’t resist to participate on this. 

    If you don’t know what is this about, the idea comes from oxboxer and consists on draw yourself (I hate this part…) as the pokemon champion. Hell yeah. 

    My pals takitakos, rhunnasketch, ntamarit, sempereman & holasoyanabel have/will do it to, check this: 

    MssTakiusa & MssAbanel.




  3. outofcontextdnd:

    "No you can’t name your weapon shop ‘Bloodbath and Beyond’."

    Tagged #dnd
  4. thinkin ‘bout drow and wood elves made me think ‘bout high elves

  5. thinkin ‘bout drow got me thinkin ‘bout wood elves

  6. thinkin ‘bout drow.

  7. klongua:

    My Championsona is all about the fattest and pink-est Pokemon. Say hello to Sir Likalot and Madame Jelly!! Not pictured: Twinkletoes the Clefable, my other MVP! (Most Valuable Pokemon, y’know.)

    this is GLORIOUS

  8. kat-artq:

    did the Championsona thing! MOTHER OF MONSTERS too much of a bitter, sarcastic asshole for her own good. Anything that’s big n’ scary is welcomed to our all year long monster mash.


  9. tbrote2:

    Having just finished a wonderlocke challenge of Pokemon XY, I decided it would be perfect to draw my brother and my Championsonas a la Oxboxer

    The idea is that the two of them are wrestlers and a tag team! The format for battle could either be a Double battle or a rotation battle with the twins switching in and out.

    Side note Vileplume has thorns because it has a rocky helmet. Chansey’s Eviolite takes the form of the Champion belt.


  11. ROAR! 

    Since this comic is a longer than usual, you’ll have to go to Tapastic to read the whole thing. THIS EPISODE: The artist undergoes a transformation.

  12. kiriska:

    Pokemon Championsona go~!

    In which I actually jump on a drawing meme in a timely manner! I don’t have a cool backstory, but honestly my championsona would probably be a big asshole that circles around important islands making eye contact with people who just want to get where they’re going.

    If you aren’t tracking the championsona tag, I advise you to look at your life and your choices. And also, just track that thing already. 

  13. cedreau:


    My Championsona rescues ghost-type Pokemon that get displaced when abandoned buildings are build-dozed for new developments, and brings them to her haunted island amusement park/sanctuary. 

    You heard me. 



  14. This is mostly for myself (too much clutter on mainblog/I want my likes searchable goddamnit) but hey follow if you want I guess.

  15. hoolygun:

    //jumps on bandwagon because why not//

    My Championsona is just a jerk with a bike that beats up lil kids pokemon 4 money.

    ps i didn’t make similar poses because non-humanoid pokemon