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    From the River Collective has an awesome new page up with photos of traditional Klamath River fashion and how contemporary Native artists are utilizing and building off it in their own work! If you’re unfamiliar with Northern California aesthetics and materials, this is a really cool resource. Karuk artist and founder of FTRC Nisha Supahan describes the Collective as:

    …an online store featuring Northern California Indian artists who make quality art and products that are inspired by our Native background, culture and traditions. We have traditional items as well as contemporary pieces. Many of the artists use old time technics, materials or designs to create contemporary pieces. 

    I want to be able to sell the work of talented artists that may not have the ability to promote themselves or their amazing work. We are from a rural area where not every household has a computer let alone internet access. I want to show that Native people are still here and I want the outside world to see how the people of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers of Northern California have unique perspectives that are incorporated in to their creations. I have been trusted to be the bridge between the creations and the customer for these very talented Native people. We are working together to make a change for our Tribes, community, and our families.

    I don’t even have pierced ears, but the porcupine quill earrings thru the link are giving me emotions.

    (via non-westernhistoricalfashion)

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