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    [Image description: Images of a protest gathering at the 2013 Oscar awards. Almost 500 visual effects artists gathered to draw attention to the issues facing their industry. They protested with signs calling for due credit for their contributions to famous films that were VFX-heavy such as Titanic, The Avengers, and Avatar. More images can be found in this flickr set.]

    VFX Company Rhythm & Hues Protested Last Night’s Oscar Ceremony

    Ang Lee’s Life of Pi won Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects (VFX) during last night’s Oscars ceremony, but that last prize leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many who worked on the film. You might assume those who work on a film that wins an Oscar would be excited about it taking home the gold, but that’s not the case for over 400 current and ex-employees of visual effects company Rhythm & Hues, which filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and fired over 250 employees last week. Deadline reports that many of those workers gathered and staged a large protest near the 85th Academy Awards ceremony last night.

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    I’m amazed this isn’t getting more attention on tumblr, considering how many people here enjoy the work these people do. All those gifs, all the screencaps, they don’t just magically happen.

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