1. Hmmmm well I might as well finally post my DC Fifty-Too Klarion cover here~ Going off the Morrison/Irving version from Seven Soldiers.

    (I honestly don’t understand why people still use the pink-skin Kirby original flavor when Morrison basically handed them Klarion Bleak on a silver platter. So much more going on with the newbie and it’s even stiched up all nice and pretty with the old continuity! Yes I would like some cheese with this whine.)


    (“Souls on the Banks of the Acheron” by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl)

    It depicts the souls of the recently dead begging Hermes (who just delivered the bad news) to intercede on their behalf and bring them back to life. Klarion can control the dead/undead, so I thought it’d be funny/creepy to cast Klarion in Hermes’s place… Instead of seeing them off on their final journey to the underworld, he’s dragging them back out!

    Basically, I get a huge kick out of comic covers referencing classical artworks. ;)

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